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The Love Dimension Takes You to Another Dimension 

By Stephanie Zhu for Pow Magazine

Check out their latest album, Dream Decibels. 

With a complete, cohesive flow from start to finish, Dream Decibels takes you through the spectrum of human experience, to the stars and cosmos beyond, and then gently carries you back down to earth with their final song “Back Home.” 

Every song on this album has its own purpose and intent. The songs vary dramatically to give you different energetic vibes and feelings. They flow together seamlessly, making for a complete e(ar)-xperience.

Kicking it off with “Faster Than the Speed of Light”: like the name implies, it’s a high-powered anthem that instantly gets you going and brings you up to speed. This is what The Love Dimension offers on first listen, that energetic rocker vibe. 

Then, it eases into “Super Velvet Eagle,” slowing it down. This song invoked powerful imagery when I closed my eyes. I saw trippy amoeba-like blobs shrinking and then growing in size. To complement these visuals, the song awakened feelings of traveling through time and space with its synthy guitar, reminiscent of “Tame Impala,” while holding onto their hard rock persona. 

The lyrics say things like, “And you tell yourself this is where you’re meant to be,” plus “Are you ever coming back?” These powerful words make you question where you are in the present, infusing the past by making you reflect on every action that has brought you to this current moment, and pointing to the future by asking the questions that place your destiny in the palm of your hands.

The next two songs get you grooving with more classic psychedelic rock sounds. 

In the songs “Another Hundred Suns” and “How Many Miles,” you can’t help but feel the good vibes and tingling through your veins. Everything came alive: my hips were gyrating; my head began to bang unconsciously and then consciously. 

It just goes to prove that the album builds in an intentional and meaningful way. It slowly awakens each body part, one at a time. Following the excitement and rise in energy from those songs, “Infinity Return” slows it back down. After moving so many parts of your body, this song gives you a chance to channel in the restorative yin energy, putting you in a trance. It showcases the effect that music and vibrations can have on your body and soul. 

The Love Dimension shows off their versatility here, proving they can appeal to harder rockers as well as more trancey psychedelic music enthusiasts.

The rest of the album flows just as seamlessly. “Possessed by Possessions” makes you question your relationship to objects, with sounds and lyrics that mimic what it feels like to be overburdened by material possessions. 

Then we tap into the universe and the power of the elements with “Cosmic Elevation.” With lyrics like, “your body becomes the earth again,” this song made me think about the fact that nature has its cycle, and us meager humans can’t do anything to stop it. The earth will come to claim us, and then we will move on to cosmic elevation. It is our destiny. Death isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s a part of the cycle. 

Finally, the last three songs calm you down and bring you back to earth. Again, the vibe is so different from previous songs; it’s almost like another band is playing. It’s wildly impressive and shows the many different layers of The Love Dimension.

The album as a whole is phenomenal. It makes sense, and it takes you through both human and otherworldly experiences. It brings you down when you need to feel certain emotions and those parts of the human experience. It tranquilizes you when you need to be calmed. And finally, it has rocking hits that will get your body moving and grooving.

PREMIERE: SF’s The Love Dimension tackles tour life with ‘How Many Miles’ video 

Drawing from the feral energy of grunge and the mind-altering haze of ’60s psychedelia, The Love Dimension bridges the gap between three decades with a knack for infectious riffs and fire-starting hooks. The San Francisco denizens are gearing up to start 2019 with the release of their fourth LP, Dream Decibels. They’re also no stranger to the road, as their music video for “How Many Miles” exemplifies...Read more

Dual Record Release Party: Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, The Love Dimension, and opening up, Snow Angel with visuals by White Light Prism. March 30, 2017.

On the 30th of March of this year, one of the best Bay Area rock n roll psych and blues hit Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco California.  Music reviewer Dennis Gonzales and photographer, Ellie Doyen covered the dual record release party featuring Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, The Love Dimension and opening up, Snow Angel featuring visuals by White Light Prism.

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Love Dimension looks to the bright side with “I’ll Find a Way”

Riff Magazine

by Chloe Catajan

San Francisco’s The Love Dimension takes the hazy sound of ‘60s psychedelia and pairs it with a garage rock twist. The band itself has quite an alternating lineup, but frontman Jimmy L. Dias remains the steady pillar of it all. Fittingly, Dias told RIFF last January that he aims to make music that’s like “a lighthouse” for listeners, “shin[ing] a light so others can find their way.” 

The Love Dimension, Agouti, Down Dirty Shake 
9 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 16 
Bottom of the Hill 
Tickets: $8-$12. 

Now, The Love Dimension is releasing a music video for the aptly titled track, “I’ll Find a Way.” We are thrilled to premiere it below! 

Off the group’s latest EP, Acceptance, “I’ll Find a Way” features a groovy melody driven by fiery, heroic-sounding guitar riffs. The video dives straight into scenes of outer space and kaleidoscope patterns, with glitches and distortions constantly sneaking in. To make the video, The Love Dimension combined forces with Scott Franklin, vocalist-guitarist of Bay Area band Buzzmutt. 

Buzzmutt also fuses ‘60s psych rock with grunge, and the band is no stranger to incorporating abstract graphics with their releases. The two bands met through holding practices at Secret Studios. With complete creative control from Dias, Franklin started with a couple photos of Dias and the band, and then brought the images to life. 

“I feel like the video reflects the energy of the band—always changing, shifting and adapting to the present moment,” Dias said. “The song is about never giving up, being persistent and following your dreams with all your heart. I feel like the fractals in the video could represent that too. With the endless quantum possibilities this universe provides, there is always a way.” 

You can hear “I’ll Find a Way” in person at Bottom of the Hill on Sept. 16. An evening of modern-day psychedelic rock, the show features performances by Agouti, Down Dirty Shake and The Love Dimension.

The Love Dimension, Vanessa Silberman, Mujahedeen, Runaway Octopus

The Love Dimension: That name alone conjures up the late 1960s, when the most far-out music was coming out of the Haight-Ashbury district and was best experienced on an, ahem, alternate plane. No surprise, then, that this psych-rock collective is originally from San Francisco, and their fuzzed-out sound harkens back to some of the Bay Area’s most famous psychedelic groups: Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, the Grateful Dead. Founded by frontman Jimmy L. Dias, who’s backed by a constantly rotating roster of musicians — some shows feature only a few members; others will boast a dozen or so — the Love Dimension is more than just a throwback act, as elements of ’90s alt-rock and contemporary electronica sneak their way into the music. Fans of the Brian Jonestown Massacre should be in heaven. 

— Nathan Weinbender

THIS WEEK: Pulp Fiction, Phantom return, The Love Dimension arrives and more

Posted By Dan Nailen

MUSIC | Swing on by The Observatory for the psych-rock stylings of The Love Dimension, who will be joined by Vanessa Silberman, Mujahedeen and Runaway Octopus. Here's a little sample of The Love Dimension:

Click on link above to see the video...

LA’s Silberman Continues Tour in SGF

Vanessa Silberman has played more than 250 shows in the last 18 months. She plays Front of House Lounge Tuesday. 

By Brett Johnston 

Los Angeles-based independent alt-rocker Vanessa Silberman has lived on the road for more than a year-and-a-half. She teamed up with Jimmy Dias of San Francisco’s psych/surf rock outfit The Love Dimension for a summer tour as a co-headlining two-piece. Silberman returns to Springfield for the fourth time since 2005, Tuesday at Front of House Lounge. 

417: Have you really played around 250 shows in the last 18 months? What keeps you going on the road? 

Vanessa Silberman: I love it. Music is so fulfilling. I’ve been out consecutively since January, so it’s pushing more like 260 or 270 [gigs] at this point, not including the double-duty of backing each other. Me and Jimmy started this tour at the end of March. In LA, I had an amazing job at a recording studio, but I really wanted to take a chance with touring and being an artist. I got to work with some of my heroes who I grew up listening to, but at the end of the day I wanted to take a chance on myself. I can sit behind a console later in life. 

417: Do you have any favorite stops on the road? Has any place surprised you at all? 

Silberman: It’s kind of hard to say, there are so many cool, amazing cities around the country. Usually it’s the smaller towns that don’t expect somebody from LA to come play. Fort Stockton, Texas was like that. Saint Augustine, Florida was amazing. That city was so unexpected, and so historical—the first [founded] city in the country and has such a cool scene there. 

417: How would you describe your sound to new listeners? 

Silberman: Going solo, I’m really looking to experiment, not be afraid to try stuff. The exciting thing about being solo is collaborating with so many different people. We feature different players, so it leaves a lot of open-endedness. We get a lot of comparison when I’m backing [Jimmy] to The White Stripes. 

417: Is there any particular message to your writing? 

Silberman: My message is giving hope and positivity through music. Even being on the road, showing women that you can be a woman on the road alone. I’ve done it. You can do it, too.

Bang the drum: Indie artists help each other stay upbeat

By Aarik Danielsen 

Touring, if rock ballads and band diaries are to be believed, can get a little monotonous. 

Playing the same songs night after night after night. An endless cycle of green rooms and budget hotels. 

But for Vanessa Silberman and Jimmy Dias, their current jaunt feels new, maybe even a little precarious, each night. 

She is a Los Angeles-based Jill of all trades who creates her own music, but also boosts other performers through producing, engineering and artist development. Silberman writes melodic rock steeped in the grit and grunge of the 1990s. He is the heartbeat of The Love Dimension, a San Francisco band that fits neatly within that city’s lineage of great psych-pop bands. 

As artists, each marches to the beat of their own drummer. On this tour, those drummers just happen to be one another — Silberman and Dias are trading time behind the drums, backing the other’s set. 


When: Doors open at 8 p.m. Monday 

Where: Cafe Berlin, 220 N. Tenth St. 

Tickets: $5 


Silberman often tours alone; Dias’ band is a rotating collective. So in this case, it made sense to help each other out. Their willingness to get behind the kit typifies the sort of “where there’s a will, there’s a way” most independent musicians adopt. 

Sitting in the drum chair, in addition to their other musical roles, has brought growth for both artists. Silberman has written drum parts in the studio, but never drummed live for another artist. Dias has heard his sound expand and deepen by degrees. 

Silberman’s sound has put him back in touch with his roots in grunge and punk — among his earliest influences were artists such as Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. When she plays Love Dimension songs, they take on a sort of White Stripes-esque quality, he said. 

The tour is a marriage of the natural and uncomfortable, of instinct and intention. Dias started out on drums, bringing a rhythmic orientation to his music. 

“I think of guitar more as a drum in a way,” he said, with guitar strokes corresponding to snare hits, for example. 

Silberman has enjoyed the chance to supply harmonies on Dias’ songs, which naturally leave space for vocal layers. 

Both have learned lessons about endurance, pulling double duty each night. 

“I have to drum first before I sing,” Silberman said. ”... I use so much energy for playing guitar and singing ... it is so difficult ... for me to drum after that, because I’m exhausted.” 

They also have had nightly, tangible reminders about flexibility. That characteristic has to be present to maintain a touring schedule and a musical life, Silberman said. 

There are other fringe benefits to the arrangement — both Silberman and Dias joked that loading in and breaking down drums each night has helped them get in better physical shape.

KFOG - No Name’s Record Room: The Love Dimension

By Sam Hustis

Call them a band, call them a collective, definitely call them “groovy.” 

With a rotating lineup of 80+ members, The Love Dimension might not seem like a typical band, whatever this vibey psychedelica-meets-90s-grunge band from the Bay Area is doing, it’s working. We met up with Jimmy L. Dias (guitar/vocals), Amy Jane Cronkleton (vocals), Celeste Obomsawin (vocals/percussion/flute), Devin Farney (keyboard/vocals), Michael Summers (bass), and Robinson Kuntz (drums) to talk about what it means to go to “the love dimension,” what creative collaboration is like within a music collective, and what it’s like balancing parenthood and being in a band. 

Connect with The Love Dimension on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

7 arts and entertainment things to see this week

By Joe Amarante, New Haven Register

At Stella Blues

Alt-rock singer Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension (above) will team with Boston rock artist Carissa Johnson at Stella Blues (204 Crown St., New Haven) for a May 24, 8 p.m. show that will also feature Hamden group Water Lane.

Five Questions with Vanessa Silberman

by Petee Worrell

oxy Loxy’s intimate First Friday performance series has become a staple of blooming art scene that takes place during the first week of every month in Savannah. Along with the monthly celebration of First Friday in the Starland District, Foxy’s courtyard performances make for the perfect way to experience the arts scene in a much more intimate manner. For this month’s performance, Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension’s Jimmy Dias will be taking the stage as a duo, providing a slightly stripped down, but no less powerful, version of their individual projects. In anticipation of their performance, we had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming show among other things in a short interview with Vanessa. 

hissing lawns: Could you give our readers a little info about your project and influences? 

Vanessa Silberman: For my solo [Vanessa Silberman] music it’s a mix of musical influences that range from grunge rock to punk & hip hop to old singer songwriter country blues to 60’s, pop & just raw recordings where’s it’s about the song / emotion & message. For my solo music I really wanted to have a lot of freedom to collaborate as well as to be very hands on since I’m also a producer/engineer/mixer or try things I never done before but all while keeping the sound cohesive so the songs aren’t all over the place genre-wise but more just hint at these influences! Another influence is positivity & hope –My goal is really to carry that through my music / message to help people & give hope as well as to encourage them that they can play music or tour. Or just follow their heart for that matter! 


hl: This being your second time coming through Savannah, was there anything about the city or the music scene in particular that drew you back? 

VS: The place, it’s so beautiful & different from anywhere else in the states. I love south & it’s people! Almost like a cousin of New Orleans! It’s got such an old wonderful history & I love old historical places. A great college community too! Foxy Loxy is very intimate as well which makes it different, unique & raw as they use no PA. I love that! It’s nice to change it up versus the wild rock shows! 


hl: Could you give our readers a bit of info on how you found yourself touring with The Love Dimension? 

VS: Jimmy’s San Francisco band/collective The Love Dimension is part of A Diamond Heart Production, which is my artist development label. I met him / heard about his band from a music writer & another band who is on the label. He reached out…we started talking & then maybe 6 months later or so we played a show together –we were doing similar things at the time, playing solo & I got what he was trying to do & we started working together….I started helping him develop his band. At the show we played, he also mentioned that he was a drummer & he’d love to drum for me if I ever needed a drummer so I invited him to do a west coast tour with me as I was touring solo a lot. It was fun so & we both decided we’d back each other & do a big US tour / help each other out as it’s hard to get regular players to commit to tour for long periods of time as a regular band especially when you’re building. And because of that very reason I was touring solo (because I love touring & didn’t want to wait around for anyone) but I’ve been developing my live show more & adding more players. This US Tour has allowed us to build our live shows & back each other on drums, or other instruments & build in markets more but also we’re able to invite different players, friends or featured musicians (which is what I do a lot of) or even partner up with other acts (we’re doing a East Coast tour with a great Boston rock Artist Carissa Johnson) & expand the live show. 

I feel like since I’ve been in the business so long that it feels right to give back & help other artists… especially on the development side or people I come across…I want to keep building, create community across the US, & change the world through music. Music makes people come together & helps us in life, gives us joy, hope & so much more. It’s not one person who can change world / music but it’s many! 


hl: You also run a developmental label, mind giving us a little info on that as well? Any major plans for that in the future? 

VS: A Diamond Heart Production is a artist development label, a label for artists in this new era but with old school traits and hands on ways! 
It was mainly created as kind of a umbrella to be able to do work on everything I do under it –everything from recording to art, imaging, & indie A&R to booking & release plans…I wanted an outlet for myself & other artists I believe in. I have had nearly every job in the business so I wanted to be able to offer artists a label / place that does everything, but on an indie level! Very grass roots. 

Let’s say a band has everything in place (record, some funds to promote record for radio & PR, image, live show) but they don’t know how to put a release plan or steps to take. That’s where I might be helpful or another example is if they need a record produced & art but have the people to push the release etc so there’s a lot of options & everyone is different! But these days since I’m building & touring a lot as a artist myself I’ve mainly been just focusing on producing / recording & indie A&R which are my favorite things. The label has a small digital distro side too & I will expand it more / grow it to do specialty physical releases like collector items (such as tapes & vinyl) & eventually I want to invest in other bands on a really big level & partner with a bigger label. 


hl: We know that your show on the 5th will be an acoustic set. Do you approach anything differently when playing something in a setting like that? 

VS: Yes, actually since they do it old school style (with no amplification) at Foxy Loxy I will def do some more mellow songs & maybe give myself a chance to sing a bit more of my quieter songs for a change but also just depends on audience/crowd! Sometimes I see those environments as a cool opportunity to try out new material. 


hl: Mind letting us know about anything coming down the pipeline for you or for The Love Dimension? Any last words for our readers? 

VS: Yes! I’ll be coming out with a Tape (TBA) & new single of a song called “OK” (feat. Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity/Teenage Time Killers & Producer/Musician Mikel Ross) which will come out in the near future (its being mixed right now). It was recorded on an off day in DC when we did a East Coast tour together in March. I will definitely be touring with them lot more in the future. I’m playing a the Star City Music Festival w/ them on July 8th in Brisbane CA. 

The Love Dimension just released a new EP called Acceptance produced by Tommy Dietrick on A Diamond Heart. 


Be sure to catch Vanessa and The Love Dimension this Friday, May 5th, at Foxy Loxy Cafe as part of their First Friday performance series in the Courtyard. Music starts around 7 and wraps up around 10 making it the perfect to get your weekend started right!

From the Editor

by Victoria G. Molinar

It’s always cool having an intern who’s into music, but never did I anticipate that my intern would be recruited by one of her interviewees! 

This past Easter Sunday at The Lowbrow Palace, our intern Andrea Sandoval performed with L.A.-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Vanessa Silberman and Jimmy Dias, guitarist and founder of San Francisco psychedelic rock outfit The Love Dimension. While interviewing the two for us last month, they both asked her if she could play bass. A yes turned into a double yes when they asked if she’d like to join them on stage. 

I really commend Andrea, not only charging forward with the decision on a whim, but for also squeezing in practice between working, interning for us and attending classes at UTEP, where she double majors in creative writing and multimedia journalism. Plus, she performed a late show on a school night! 

The performances were packed with energy, Vanessa and Jimmy were genuinely friendly – and most importantly – it was really awesome seeing Andrea on stage. To say I’m proud of her is an understatement. Part of what makes a good writer is being well rounded, and she definitely fits the bill.


Q&A: Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension

By Andrea Sandoval

Coming from the Golden State to rock out the Lowbrow Palace on April 16 are Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension. 

An L.A.-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Silberman has her own independent label, A Diamond Heart Production, and has been compared to bands ranging from Nirvana to Patti Smith. The Love Dimension hails from San Francisco, a perfect setting to match their psychedelic sound that blends the musical essence of the ’60s and ’90s. 

Cool plot twist – what initially started off as an interview with Silberman and The Love Dimension’s Jimmy Dias turned into an opportunity for me to play bass for them at their upcoming Lowbrow show. I was over the moon, to be honest!

I got to know them a little over the phone before their trip to the Sun City. We talked about going solo, some of their songs and what it’s like to perform together. 

Q. Vanessa, what pushed you to leave your former band, Diamonds under Fire? 

Vanessa: Diamonds under Fire was essentially my band and I had different players over the years. I had been using the band’s name and identity for about 12 or 13 years and so much had developed over time. 

When I was recording the last EP, I felt like I was never going to get that “perfect” band and I decided that I just wanted to go solo, look at things completely different, and collaborate with different people. 

Q. What’s the story behind your recent single, “Hide Your Love Away”? 

Vanessa: When I wrote this song, I was wanting to record it in a very organic, raw way, but with a pop, ’60s kind of feel. Almost like Sonny and Cher or The Mamas and The Papas. It’s kind of a love song about being in a relationship but not being able to express what you want. 

I just wanted to try something extremely different from Diamonds under Fire, which was more alternative/grunge. 

Q. Jimmy, what is your debut single, “When Soul Love Begins,” about? 

Jimmy: That song is about connecting at a soul level or deeper level than where we are as humans … to see the bigger picture instead of being divided by different egos or deeming what’s bad or good. 

Q. Has any of your music been featured in any movies or TV shows? 

Jimmy: We had a song (“Had Enough”) that was recently featured in David Duchovny’s “Aquarius,” a show that was set in the ’60s. 

Vanessa: Diamonds under Fire had songs featured on some MTV kind of shows and some indie films. It’s my dream to be in a movie theater and hear a song in a big blockbuster movie. 

Q. How has it been performing together? 

Vanessa: It’s really cool! It’s such an amazing thing when you’re able to get people on the same page. My hope is that other artists can see this as an example to build community and help others during their performances. 

Jimmy: It’s interesting playing with different musicians and seeing how the sound changes, whether it’s playing with Vanessa, playing with people in The Love Dimension, or other musicians. I have to kind of calibrate myself to work with the other’s style. 

It’s been good, especially for the older material that I was starting to get kind of bored with. Playing with different people, I’m like, “Oh, that sounds cool that way.”

Cesareo’s pick

By CESAREO GARASA For The Californian

Cesareo’s pick 

Vanessa Silberman (L.A.), The Love Dimension (San Fransisco), and Crooked Folk, 9 p.m. Friday at Riley’s Tavern, 1523 19th St.; $5; 21 and over 

The Love Dimension is a psychedelic rock band based out of San Fransisco that sounds like they came straight out of the summer of love. Singer Vanessa Silberman comes from the other side of the Golden State and will be performing a set of her own music before joining Love Dimension’s 1960s time warp on stage. 

Crooked Folk, whose sound represents the darker side of the late-sixties, will bring their own style of doom and boom to the formalities.


PREMIERE: Stream The Love Dimension’s new EP, Acceptance

By Roman Gokhman

San Francisco groovy psychedelia revivalists The Love Dimension will release a new EP March 30. Acceptance is five tracks reminiscent of The Doors, The Mamas and the Papas and a bit of  Jefferson Airplane. The band, led by frontman Jimmy L. Dias, will perform its new material March 30 at a record release show at Rickshaw Stop, and have several Southern California shows this week leading up to the big reveal. 

The Love Dimension in concert 

Wednesday – 8 p.m. – 21+ 
Silverlake Lounge in L.A. $10. 

Liquid Earth Gathering fest (Pioneertown) $80-$120. 

Friday – 8 p.m. – 21+ 
Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara $10. 

8 p.m., Thursday, March 30 
Rickshaw Stop w/ Joshua Cook and The Key of Now 
Tickets: $10. 

To Dias, the name of the new record is about the acceptance of death, and that’s the central theme that courses through the songs. 

“We all avoid that reality,” he said. “We like to think there is always tomorrow, but you never know.  As I get older, it has become more and more important to me to enjoy each moment as much as possible.” 

If that is too grim, understand that the theme rides just below the surface. Listeners can focus on “acceptance” rather than the death. 

“You can’t change the past, but you can make a new choice in the present now,” Dias said. “So accept what is. If you like it, cool.  If not, make a new choice and move in a different direction.” 

The EP begins with the driving, hypnotic “I’ll Find A Way,” a la Golden Earring’s 1973 track “Radar Love,” before transitioning to the more straight-forward psychedelia, with strains of Americana, on “Hey Wall Street Man.” Dias said that a few years ago, he considered trying to make some money on the side by trading  stocks and options. Rather than coming up with an avenue to fund his own music, he lost a lot of cash. Learning to get over it and move on plays into the theme of the record. The titular character he sings to on the song is not any one person, but rather the powers that be that seemingly control other peoples’ lives. 

“I’m not judging anyone and saying anything is good or bad [because] that would be too much of a generalization,” he said. [Money] is a tool that can be used for whatever purpose and intention the person with it has. It just makes you more of what you already are.” 

The Love Dimension performs in numerous configurations, from Dias by himself to many more. Dozens of Bay Area musicians have performed with Dias over the years. For the EP, the frontman recorded with singer-percussionist Celeste Obomsawin, singer-keyboardist Devin Farney, drummer Sonny Pearce, bassist Tommy Anderson and guitarist Kyle DeMartini. While the SoCal shows will be performed as a quartet, the Rickshaw Stop concert will be performed as a seven-piece band.  Dias said he’s also working on a new full-length album, which has continued there trend of blending The Love Dimension’s ’60s sound with more modern influences from the ’90s, like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth and The Pixies.

POW Magazine Reviews New EP by The Love Dimension - “Acceptance”

For nearly a decade, The Love Dimension has been a part of the San Francisco music scene. Known for having a unique and amorphous lineup, The Love Dimension defines themselves as a musical collective and has featured as many as 80 musicians throughout their existence. Every evolution brings new variants to the group’s sound, making for a diverse discography that can’t be placed into any one genre. This March sees the release of Acceptance, a new 5-track EP that showcases The Love Dimension’s wide range of influences and musical abilities. 

Acceptance opens with “I’ll Find A Way”, a tight, bass-throbbing track with hints of 70’s prog-rock, 90’s stoner rock, and 60’s psychedelia, combined in a way that sounds modern and new. The musicianship on this track is water-tight, with grandiose builds and wild guitar licks layered over the ultra-heavy foundation laid by the bass and drums. The following track, “Hey Wall Street Man”, is a fun, rock n roll romp with a bluesy progression that’ll get dance floors moving. “Would You Be Willing” and “The Cat Is Out” are both steeped in 60s influences- “Would You Be Willing” features poppy, garage-psych with catchy hooks and melodic basslines; “The Cat is Out” relaxes the sound into a laid-back 60s jam session, tinged with psychedelia. 

The EP’s closing track, “On and On”, has a track length as long as nearly all the other tracks combined, clocking in at just over 12 minutes. The track builds slowly, but throughout its duration travels through a vast landscape of varying tempos and sounds, ranging from ethereal to manic. It’s a wild trip that reflects the musical collective that defines The Love Dimension. 

Acceptance will be officially released March 30th, 2017 at The Love Dimension’s show at Rickshaw Stop in SF, and will be concurrently available for purchase online via the band’s website. 

Follow The Love Dimension: 

Review written by Sheena Salazar for POW Magazine


idobi Sessions: The Love Dimension – “Get Real Wild” 

Somewhere where the 60s, 90s, and 21st century meet sits The Love Dimension. The musical collective channels the essence of their San Francisco home-base into their tunes made for good vibes and singing along. 

Recently, they dropped by the idobi studios to perform not one, but two tracks exclusively for us. “Get Real Wild” with the band above, and watch for “When Soul Love Begins” later this week.

Review by the Bay Bridged for the Big Brother and the Holding Company show

Photos + Review: Big Brother and The Holding Company with The Love Dimension at The Uptown

By Daniel Kielman January 19, 2017

Photos + Words by Ria Burman

The Love Dimension gave an energetic, get-down of a performance supporting Big Brother and The Holding Company at Oakland's The Uptown on Friday. 

The local, groovy musical collective rip-roared through original psychedelic rock and roll tunes, getting the crowd jumping, before Big Brother and The Holding Company blues-rocked the rest of the night away, with a wail-worthy performance from lead singer, Darby Gould. 

If you're unfamiliar with Big Brother, check out the 1968 album, Cheap Thrills and prepare to have your rocks blown clean off.

Gone Fishkin - #031: Promise of Redemption, The Love Dimension

We know, we know… Gone Fishkin took a week off for the holidays, and you haven’t been the same without your regular dose of pop punk and bad jokes. Never fear, because Fish is back this week from his hometown to give you a run down on East and West coast Fishmas, “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey, and recap 2016 in music. 

First up this week, Shane from Valencia and Promise of Redemption joins the show to discuss writing again, putting out a vinyl, and using music as a type of therapy. He also talks about heading out on tour, and the MySpace days. 

Next up, listen in to hear from The Love Dimension, a San Francisco based rockabilly collective. The group joins Gone Fishkin to play some acoustic tracks, and chat aesthetics, puns, and surfer vibes.


Out of the Booth review and photos from Slim's 

Ever delightful and eclectic, The Love Dimension brought their unmistakable psychedelic rock and roll to Slim's a week back. Heating up the hearts of great, local music lovers throughout the cold night, The Love Dimension displayed distinct vocals, fun~is~the~key bass and groovy guitar riffs entwined with sweet beats, shakes and rattles, keeping the rock and roll flow alive and happening! 

If you have yet to see The Love Dimension, get on down to The Uptown Nightclub on January 13th 2017. They'll be playing with Big Brother and the Holding Company. A show not to be missed!;41FgXWeI4whuwwysKwK5CfPde5nYMxdS88qmZiB0qprSdo2703fvjPvm2~;e0zg3nbr33WjfeTk9vz4Zea5cI57bNh80rk~;Yh9r8v2~_u355N9n~_J~;gIhsjrR.bps.a.576280662566517.1073741979.159639180897336/576280982566485/?type=3&theater

Interview with Le Champsonore


Interview The Love Dimension: English version [ Une leçon de psychédélisme L ]

If California is synonymous with sunshine and love, The Love Dimension is for you. Assuming proudly the legacy of the sixties, their music remains a hymn to joy. From shamanism to the relay between the generations, they did not hesitate to tell us about their colorful world. 

1-How formed The Love Dimension? What do you look for in The Love Dimension? Why collectives are so numerous in psyche music? 

The Love Dimension formed back in 2008.  Its a long story but I’ll try to get to the point and cover the main events that sparked the band.  I have a feeling this is going to be a long answer though.  Hahaha. 

I had given up on music after moving in 2006 from the east coast (Boston, MA) to the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA).  I had sold all my guitars, drums, musical gear.   I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with life. 

At the time I was studying the healing arts (Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing).  During one of the classes while exploring some deep traumatic and personal issues,  I felt like a boomerang had come back and hit me in the back of the head.  That boomerang was music.  I couldn’t throw it away because it was part of me, my soul’s purpose and the reason I came to have a human experience at this time in history. 

When this realization happened, I started with buying an acoustic guitar and writing songs.  Many of those songs later became songs that appeared on the Love Dimension’s first two albums « In Between Lives » and « Forget the Remember ».  I decided I wanted to start a band again and kept thinking I had to find a lead singer. 

While on a trip to Tulum, Mexico, I attended a sweat lodge facilitated by a Mayan Shaman.  While going through that experience, I had many visions and more realizations.  One of them was that I was the singer I had been searching for.  Before the Love Dimension, I had never been able to sing and play guitar at the same time.  Growing up on the east coast of the United States, I had always been in the background playing drums or bass in various punk and indie rock bands.  But since my early years as a teenager, I had always been recording my own 4 track demos.  I never felt confident enough to put them out there and share them with others. 

So when I got back to California after my trip to Mexico, I began taking voice lessons and writing more songs.  In the fall of 2008, I went on a spiritual retreat to Ojai, CA to visit my voice teacher’s teacher, Danny Castro (Author of the book « In That Stillness »).  That trip awoke something in me and started a spiritual journey that I am still on and will probably be on for many lifetimes. 

When I got back home and as I was about  to fall sleep, I kept hearing in my head the name « The Love Dimension ».  I thought it sounded cool but I was feeling like I didn’t want to get out of bed.  The inner voice got louder and said « Write it down.  You won’t remember it in the morning. »  So I did.  And now its 8 years later and the band is constantly evolving and unfolding. 

What I look for in the Love Dimension is simply to express truth in the way I perceive it, my own personal journey of self realization and what it is like being a spiritual being having a human experience. 

I believe that collectives are so numerous in psych music, because anyone who has ever had a psychedelic experience realizes it is all connected and it is all one.  When you help others with their musical expression, you are really helping yourself and the collective consciousness.  It is more about community then an individual ego or everyone for themselves. 

2- You released your last album in June. What inspired you when you made this album? 

My inspiration for « Freakquency Space Mind Continuum » was 60s surf music and thinking about the higher levels of awareness that artists, musicians, writers, creative people, etc are able to tap into and how they then are able to bring those thought forms into the 3D. 

Its truly an amazing gift.  If all of these beautiful souls could harness this power and come together in this higher collective mind space and create consciously, then we could change the 3D structure of this world so rapidly. 

So many people in the world are in fear right now and focusing on the lower vibrating human emotions like anger, jealousy, etc.  What you focus on expands.  What you resist persists.  You do have to face the fears and welcome them and then transmute them into higher frequency emotions such as gratitude, appreciation, unconditional love, courage, etc.  We are electro magnetic beings.  What do you want to magnetize in your energy field?  You have free will.  Its your choice. 

3- When you come from San Francisco, is not there a too heavy musical heritage coming from the sixties and the seventies to assume? 

Yes definitely.  The musical heritage can be felt here for sure.  It is a great inspiration for continuing on with that lineage.  Its like having musical ancestors and passing on the torch from generation to generation. 

4- What do you think of the election of Donald Trump? Does it feel like there is a real divide in the United States? 

In general, I am not much of a political person.  I usually like to not take sides.  The way I see politics is like a tennis, ping pong, or sports match.  It is very much based in duality and seems like  a bunch of people yelling at each other and expressions opinions.  If you swing the pendulum to one side, it just gains momentum to swing to the other side.  There is no wrong or right. 

With that said, I was pretty shocked with the election of Donald Trump.  Its making me wonder if I somehow got myself stuck in some alternate quantum time line.  It feels very surreal.  And it does seem like it is causing a real divide in the U.S.  I’m not sure what will happen.  I do know that I am seeing a fire lit under a lot of people and motivating them to step up.  It seems like this is going to spark some amazing art and music.  The underground scene now has a lot of fuel for the fire. 

When I step out of the story for a moment and do my best to see the bigger picture, I do see that Donald Trump is still in some weird way (I wish I could say this wasn’t true) a manifestation of source, great spirit, god, the universe, the oneness, whatever you want to call it.  He is not separate from us.  In fact at the higher levels of awareness as a collective consciousness we chose him for some crazy reason.  It won’t make sense right now because we are in the middle of the story.  I really do believe everything is always in divine order and happens in divine timing.  Think about any event in your life.  Even the bad ones.  When it happened it sucked.  But after some time has passed and you look back at it in retrospect, it all makes sense and you can see all the ways things lined up in miraculous ways to get you to where you are now. 

Think of it this way.  Imagine this whole thing as a theater.  The watcher part of us that is just observing are the people in the theater enjoying different perspectives and angles of the same thing.  The projector represents the thought forms we are projecting into 3D reality and so we witness it all unfold.  You could get mad at the villain on the screen and throw your shoe at the screen.  You can cry, laugh, scream, yell.  Its all coming from the same projector man.  If you want to see something different, you got to go the source.  You gotta change the film.  The film represents the inner world and inner consciousness of everyone of us.  You need to look inside first and change yourself.  Once you do that, you be that change like Gandhi said.  Be an example of that love.  Others will notice and maybe they will wake up too and change themselves.  You can’t change anyone though.  You can’t force it on another.  Remember we have free will.  Just be yourself and do the best you can. 

5- What current bands do you feel close and which ones you like listening ? 

I really appreciate all of the amazing bands coming out of the Bay Area right now.  The Spiral Electric, Down Dirty Shake, Down and Outlaws, Everyone is Dirty, The Green Door, The Golden Hexegrams, Cellar Doors, Coywolf, Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah, Trans Van Santos, just to name a few. 

Some other current bands too that have really had an influence and I enjoy listening to are Temples, Tame Impala, Triptides, Sleepy Sun, The Black Angels, Primal Scream, BJM, and Elephant Stone. 

6 – How would you define psychedelic music? Which groups who embodies the most? 

I’m not sure there is one definition that could encompass or define psychedelic music.  Its more than just about the music to me.  I guess one simple aspect of it that is important is that it expands your consciousness.  It helps you to get out of your limited ego mind and feel the vastness of universe. 

There are so many groups that embody this.  There’s the obvious ones like The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, etc.  Then there’s bands that maybe weren’t as well known like Ultimate Spinach, Blues Magoos, Country Joe and the Fish.  That’s just from 60s/70s.  I think it is more about how all of these psych bands as a collective pushed boundaries and created something that inspired many bands to follow.  There’s just too many bands for me to list them all.  I like to think of it as an ocean with many waves that are all influencing each other. 

7- How do you explain the psychedelic revival in recent years in the world ? Do you think bands like The Blacks Angels and The Brian Jonestown Massacre are important in this revival  ? 

My explanation for the revival would be that just like in the 60s, this is a pretty intense time and time is a spiral.  Things come around again and history repeats itself.  Not exactly like it did before but very similar.  We have evolved as a species in some ways.  In other ways things are kind of the same.  Its like how there was the gold rush in San Francisco in the 1800s and now it is happening again except the new gold is the tech industry. 

Yes I do think bands like the Black Angels and BJM are important.  They have done their thing and stuck with it.  They have inspired many other people to start bands and do what you love.  Create from a heart space and share that it with others.  What else can you really do? 

8- The sixities psychedelia appeared in a more optimistic period than ours Can you explain this difference ? What psychedelia shows of our time? 

I don’t know for sure that was a more optimistic time.  I wasn’t there.  Yes some people were able to stay in a good space and focus on creating and positive things I suppose.  However, there was a lot of turmoil during that time.  A lot of people probably felt like it was the end of the world so they said fuck it and decided to just live in the moment and do what they were gonna do. 

You always hear that phrase if you can remember the 60s then you weren’t really there.  I wonder if many people turned to substances during that time to help cope with that intensity and reality of what was happening in history.  Seems like it is happening again.  A more intense and sped up version of that similar corresponding point in the space time spiral.  All the good.  All the bad.  Its all one and this too shall pass. 

9- Psychedelia has always tried to provide other forms of vision or sensation, which visions or sensations that you would like to bring to your audience? 

In the Bay Area, we have some great visual artists who help create a multi sensory experience for the various shows and events that take place.  A couple of them are Mad Alchemy and White Light Prism. 

There are other friends and promoters here who have also put together events that include food vendors, other artists who paint at the same time a band is playing, maybe some incense for the sense of smell.  One event that took place in September of 2015 that really brought this all together was the « Gathering of the Tribes Festival » put on by Pow Magazine. 

What other senses are there?  I guess if there was a way to incorporate our sixth sense and higher senses, that would be pretty cool.  Maybe have some psychic stuff and psychokinesis at shows where everyone just plays their instruments with their minds.  Hahaha.

KMPH FOX 26 - Festive Friday Great Day Fresno with The Love Dimension 

By Stephen Hawkins

The San Francisco based psychedelic rock band, “The Love Dimension,” rocked out Great Day's Studio B for Festive Friday on October 28, 2016. 

The Love Dimension will be performing at Full Circle Brewing Company on Friday, November 4th and Tower District Records on Sunday, November 13th.

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