From the Editor

by Victoria G. Molinar

It’s always cool having an intern who’s into music, but never did I anticipate that my intern would be recruited by one of her interviewees! 

This past Easter Sunday at The Lowbrow Palace, our intern Andrea Sandoval performed with L.A.-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Vanessa Silberman and Jimmy Dias, guitarist and founder of San Francisco psychedelic rock outfit The Love Dimension. While interviewing the two for us last month, they both asked her if she could play bass. A yes turned into a double yes when they asked if she’d like to join them on stage. 

I really commend Andrea, not only charging forward with the decision on a whim, but for also squeezing in practice between working, interning for us and attending classes at UTEP, where she double majors in creative writing and multimedia journalism. Plus, she performed a late show on a school night! 

The performances were packed with energy, Vanessa and Jimmy were genuinely friendly – and most importantly – it was really awesome seeing Andrea on stage. To say I’m proud of her is an understatement. Part of what makes a good writer is being well rounded, and she definitely fits the bill.


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