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"The Love Dimension's latest EP, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum, feels like such a nice surprise. It's a short, sweet, delightfully fun listen, a summery, surf-y, psychedelic revision of a time when life in San Francisco wasn't so complicated. The tunes are so catchy and easy on the ears they encourage repeat listens. The EP opens with 'Together Again,' its best and most memorable tune. It's a blast to listen to, a fun, playful, psychedelic pop ditty featuring stick-in-your-head, surf-inspired guitar licks, perfectly retro harmonized vocals, and simple, sing-along more
-SF Weekly

"The band’s latest E.P., Freakquency Space Mind Continuum is one that hugs the extraordinary, that hums along to a different tune and allows the listener to breathe in the sparkle of imagination as if in a way they were witnessing the first moments of clear and unhindered belief to run through the course of more"

- Ian D. Hall

"You love them so much that you want to re-start the psychedelic revolution with them...

…a set of songs that have come from absolutely nowhere and relishing the thought of spreading their name everywhere you go...

…a hybrid of almost anything good you care to put a name too. The infectious music never misses a beat and at times acts as a conduit for your own breathless imagination…

…all make you feel as though you are crouching on the very edge of a precipice, scared to look over in case the void rushes up to meet you but knowing deep down that what will greet you will be the start of a new understanding and adoration for something brilliantly unique…

…a gift, it will leave you exhausted and the mind full of possibilities. Psychedelic grandeur that you will just want to devour!…read more"
- Liverpool Sound and Vision

"California in the 1960s is synonymous with bands like The Beach Boys, Dick Dale, and others.  The Love Dimension are cut from the same cloth just five decades later. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the group's latest single 'Together Again,' a song which could have easily been a recently unearthed Turtles recording from the 60s. With the surf guitar and the tight vocal harmonies, 'Together Again' is a veritable travel through time and space. Enjoy the ride…read more"
-Surviving the Golden Age

"The Love Dimension has a vintage surf rock vibe that 1) makes me want more 2) sounds like it will translate perfectly live 3) reminds me of RIDE mixed with Nazz and Beach Fossils…read more"

"a treat for lovers of freakbeat and psychedelia…read more"
-Songwriting Magazine

"'Zoom!,' those are the words that I often holler when hearing a psychedelic rock song that blisters with the delirious energy of Brian Jonestown Massacre, which is exactly what San Francisco trio The Love Dimension have crafted with 'When Soul Love Begins'. Sure, the song has the familiar, twangy guitar line and the dizzying, kaleidoscope sound, but the sense of urgency that Jimmy Dias, Celeste Obomsawin, and Devin Farney have added brings the song to a feverish level…read more"
-The Revue

"Manages to sound both hot and cold at the same time. There is an icey tingle infused by the warmth of the Californian sun as the West Coast melody kicks in…

…takes you on a trip…

...There's a whole lot of Love in there…

…one of the great things about this album, just when you think you are getting comfortable and drifting away in a haze of sun-drenched tunes something happens to grab you by the scruff of the neck and take you somewhere else completely…

…This is an album that does not want to be taken for granted. This is a record that is going places, and will not rest until you arrive…

...remind us of summer’s evening in Golden Gate Park or on Ocean Beach…

…‘Have You Had Enough’ has the feeling of a minor classic in the making. There is more packed into the few minutes that it takes to get to the breathless conclusion of this track than some bands put into a whole album…

…seems to stretch back and forth in time, twisting the expectations and blowing the mind...

 …It is nostalgic, but also forward looking…read more"
-Backseat Mafia


"Create and Consume highlights the band's amazing strong points. Take a melodic feel mixed with a hard and steadfast rhythm section and just enough synths, add something to get you moving and shaking, but nothing too overwhelmingly experimental, and you have The Love Dimension. It's fun, it's fast, and it's utterly enjoyable…read more"
-The Bay Bridged

"San Francisco's rich psychedelic legacy has always exerted its influence on local bands, but few take it as seriously as the Love Dimension.  These youngsters pay homage to the classic sounds of the Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead/Quicksilver Messenger Service nexus with uncanny precision, but they never sound like they're stuck in any kind of nostalgic time…read more"
-SF Chronicle


"There's a tradition of performers utilizing male and female voices in a distinctive manner: Johnny Cash and June Carter, Jefferson Airplane, X, and the Mamas and the Papas, among others, are remembered for their surging, arresting vocal blend.  Add to that list locals the Love Dimension, who evoke those acts and more.  The Love Dimension merges the earthy with the trippy, roadhouse stomp with lysergic expeditions — this is no one-trick pony…read more"
-SF Weekly

"Oh, we're so into the love-centric, esoteric lyrics of Inner Eye Insight and the amazing nature shots going on in the video. It's really nice to see the band's six member full line up grooving all in one shot!  read more"

"San Francisco's premiere psych revivalist band…seasoned and absolutely stellar…read more"
-The Deli Magazine SF

"Brings to mind the feel of bands like Jefferson Airplane as it features lyrics about love and the music contains elements of the music from the sixties.  The use of multiple male and female voices bring to mind songs from a group like The Mamas and The Papas and the lyrics also have that unmistakable feel to them, as well…read more"
-The Rock and Roll Report

"Hip-swaying country psych shamans…read more"
-The Bay Bridged

"I was pretty excited to discover this San Francisco band, who give a nod to Jefferson Airplane and The Doors, but filtered through Echo & The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes and even a bit of Gun Club’s sinister post-punk twang…read more"
-Fast 'n' Bulbous

"A deep spiritual awareness nourishes The Love Dimension's music…listen to podcast"
-Checking in with Mark Nelsen

"One of the best Psych Punk tracks you'll ever hear, "Got Gratitude" by The Love Dimension.  

…this is what would happen if you locked the Doors and the Blues Magoos in a small room overnight with nothing but gallons of espresso...

...something everybody should experience…read more
-Stubby's House of Christmas

"There is no denying the upbeat, sunny and affirming atmospheres and textures they magic up in their recordings. 'Create And Consume' typifies this perfectly...

...the West Coast harmonies conjure up lazy days along the Big Sur, the distant sounds of The Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds and The Doors filling the air...

...I defy anyone not to feel good listening to it!  What The Love Dimension have created is an album that pays loving homage to the sixties without sounding hackneyed or cliched

...sounds vibrant and contemporary...

…the vocals and harmonies are spot on, the keyboards are pure Doors and the rhythm section superbly keeping everything tight and on course…

 …reminiscent of some of Floyd's more relaxed material, and even bits of The Velvet Underground circa 'Pale Blue Eyes'…

…brings to mind some of the superior Paisley Underground material of the eighties…

...Dias sounding like a young Jim Morrison and Obomsawin like a Holly Golightly/Grace Slick hybrid (hold that thought!)... 

...fuzzy, sixties-influenced songs;  bluesy stompers - vibrant and alive…pure sixties garage…countrified, feelgood slowies. 

…a band who are growing in confidence and is a wonderful, surprising and enthralling mix of styles and approaches… 

…I have fallen entirely under their spell. The music, right from the very start, is intelligent, thoughtful and damn fun. The song writing shows a sensitivity and maturity that is, alas, noticeably absent from the majority of music these days and the vocals of Dias and Obomsawin, whether singly or in harmony, are powerful and clear, and the musicianship of the band is of the highest level...

…they are equally at home playing garage and psychedelia as they are country, folk, blues or rock. 'Create and Consume' in particular is destined to be a regular on my turntable for a long while…

...has the makings of a classic album, and one that should grace the collection of anyone with an interest or love in garage & psychedelia…read more"
-Dayz of Purple and Orange

“The LD's sound nestles into a midway point between classically skilled and radically inventive. Every track is elevated by an underlying foundation of positivity, radiating an aura that transports you to their namesake.  The Love Dimension’s newest album is a tribute to their development in sound. ‘Create and Consume’ delivers a sweet, clean exterior bursting with layers of sound and social commentary. The band accesses their broad range in ‘Like the Feeling of the Sun,’ where ambient sitar segues into grungy electric guitar leads paired with alien-esque synth and vocal effects. ‘Who's To Say,’ starts slow and somber, only to explode into fireworks of electricity and wild drums. With an unmatched sound, and a message well presented, predictions can only match their affirmative aura; if you're a fan of good music and positive vibes, be sure check out The Love Dimension.”  
-Jazz Conrad

"I was taken on a trip, a voyage into the far and beyond. I felt the layers and the textures, the tones of a youthful band without boundaries. Their vocals awash in a sea of light reverberation, the appearance of an occasional twang of a tremolo guitar splashing against the rocks as the tide moves inward over the footprints in the sand, a tide of another time."

-Damn Good Tunes

"The tracks on Forget The Remember are more pop than rock...and more about moving feet than moving mountains. Pretty cool sounding stuff here. Our favorite cuts include True Love Comes 'Round Again, Where Do We Go?, Tierra Nueva, and Outer more"

"Forget the Remember contains eleven nostalgia-based surf-rock tracks, the best of which, "Uma Coisa Linda," has the lonesome lilt of a prairie ballad. The upbeat numbers combine bubbly chord changes with anxious or introspective more"
-East Bay Express

"What we have here is a group that sounds like a '60s garage band who just cut its sixth or seventh studio album and suddenly wants to grow and evolve into something more complex. That's not an easy trick to pull off, which is why The Love Dimension deserves some more"
-The Vinyl Anachronist

"This is a REAL reborn 1960s hippy band, whose female vocalist Celeste wears red onstage and boasts Native American Indian history. She and the band are classy and laid-back onstage. There are eleven tracks on the album, all upbeat and positive songs, guaranteed to make your endorphins more"

"There is a difference between a band emulating a style and a band actually being a style. The Love Dimension isn't a band commiting a copycat crime, they are impressively carrying the torch for a genre. So while the influences that have obviously guided them to a personal sound are there, they are more deritive of these influences than simply emulating them. "Inbetween Lives" as a whole is an album full of life, colors and sounds, and follows in the tradition of what has always made Rock interesting in the first place, the release...the joy of making music in a garage, from the heart, because you want to."
-Eclectiblogs-Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption

"There are overtones of Cream, the Monkees, the Doors, Steppenwolf...Other strong points for this band include nice vocal harmonies and the occasional sweet harmonica part."

"The Dark Night of Your Soul" from their 7" vinyl welcomes back 60s-rooted psychedelic rock with developing guitar progressions and retro organ drones reminiscent of The Doors Waiting for the Sun era circa 1968 (may I also mention that Dias sounds strikingly similar to a modern-day Morrison?). The illuminating lyrics are beautifully orchestrated with disquieting depths. The fast-paced upbeat succession opens up this gate of stampeding vibrations, making the listener just want to close their eyes and give into the fluctuating beats that are taking over their body. This intoxicating atmosphere of periodic oscillation brought to you by The Love Dimension is unparalleled to what their live shows offer. If you live in the Bay Area, it is imperative that you see them in all their glory. Go to the bar, grab a beer, and once the crowd starts forming a dance circle, join in and let the music take over.

The band's sense of multiplicity showed conspicuously on each of its members. Variety is undoubtedly the Love Dimension's modus operandi. The crowd fairly devoured every flavor they whipped up in their 45-minute set, myself included. If this is typical of their live shows, then the Love Dimension is clearly out to prove themselves as musical chameleons. This is not only unique in my experience, but admirable. I have never felt better to find out that I knew nothing about anything.
-Performer Magazine

San Francisco's The Love Dimension oozes retro-rock glory. "Dark Night of Your Soul" floats on a cloud of organ notes, weed, and love grounded by fuzzy guitars and lead by Jimmy Dias's vocals - a sort of Eric Burdon tinged with Jim Morrison. In fact, TLD comes across like The Animals resurrected through the vessel of BRMC. "Living in Atlantis" continues the garage barrage with a touch of The Strokes coursing through it. "I Found Gold" adds a subtle twist to the psychedelic party by harkening the journeyman sounds of Johnny Cash with a quick strumming guitar and a drilling snare cadence whipped by brushes. It makes you feel like you're on the open road or walking into a Quentin Tarantino scene.

"A pretty tripped out mix of sounds across these 4 songs (Self-Titled EP). The 60s pop sound is right on, I woulda guessed it was legit 60s."
-KZSU Stanford Radio

"Lead singer Jimmy L. Dias channels Johnny Cash in opening track 'I Found Gold' as he sings of 'traveling out West in search of a new start.' The lead guitar's psychedelic twang is downright eerie at times - think 'Ring of Fire' on acid. 'Lighthouse in Your Mind' and 'Living in Atlantis' have pop polish and uplifting chord progressions that give the EP some musical variety amid the country leanings."
-Performer Magazine

"The Love Dimension is an energetic San Francisco-based Psychedelic 60s Pop band that's playing quite a bit in the Bay Area."
-Platon Magazine

"They write and perform songs with a loving spiritually conscious more"
-SF Deli Magazine


"The Love Dimension is a positive free love-centric powerhouse of a band. Drawing directly from the influential Woodstock '69 era, they create full and dance worthy soundscapes. Don't miss out on this energetic and groovy more"
-SF Deli Magazine


"Trying to decipher what exactly their sound is, I came across a mix of rock music from both the past and the present, along with everything in between. Finding influences from Johnny Cash, Radiohead, Nirvana, as well as The Beatles, they have a very unique sound. A definite sensation of euphoria is present throughout each track. Picture a gritty vintage and grainy image of breezing through the dry hot summer air down a highway surrounded by nothingness or lying under the sun. That is about as close as I can get to describing their more"
-Indecent Xposure


"It's not wispy flower-power nonsense. Much of this EP (Not Until All Beings Are One) has more guts than that and fits in more comfortably with the freakbeat and garage scenes of the time than of wimpy student drop-outs smoking spliffs in the sun…bluesy like The Seeds rattling through a track at double speed. It's primal and it's authentic…belongs on a Nuggets collection and would have been a classic of its time…read more"
-The Sound of Confusion


"When I hear music fans exclaim that bands nowadays have forgotten how to make music like bands in the past. They obviously haven't heard a band like 'The Love Dimension'.  Their recent release 'Forget The Remember' has a straight to point retro sixties sounds like Foxygen and Tame Impala. The music is a ride through a kaleidoscope. 'Bound To The Sound' resonates the same intensity as the Rolling Stones or The Who.  The overall sound is jukebox authentic with a spike of psychedelic. The vocals are catchy and the dancing rhythm is pure.  The Bowie-esque rhythm will get most of your body intoxicated.  You can sense the raw emotion is in every guitar strum. Imagine Iggy Pop singing about a really bad day or covering a Lou Reed song.  It has a constant flow that transforms time into slow motion.  This album could possibly end the myth that music isn't made organically as it was in the more
-The Musical Junkie


"This SF psyche band has some Bay Area 60s in them, especially in the vocal choruses, but they got some Southern California Byrds flying in there too, and some London Trogg-isms infecting the mix as well. Throw in some sounds from outer space and you have entered the Love Dimension! more"
-Rocktober Magazine Reviews



"All too often bands get pigeonholed as being this or that. But when a band takes a ton of influences and puts them in a blender, magic can happen. The album is full of little bits of inspiration from Country Joe McDonald and the Fish, Jefferson Airplane and even the Grateful Dead.  It's familiar but original.  It is country, rock and psychedelic all at the same time, and they are able to successfully recapture the time when country was an important ingredient in rock and roll. One of the coolest aspects of the recording is a certain looseness reminiscent of recordings from Big Brother and the Holding Company, and this lets the music breathe. It was the second track on the album "Bound To The Sound" that first drew me in.  The drive, blended with guitar twang and a masterful chord progression, quickly becomes a song you want to hear over and over…read more"


"There are bands that take the folk scene stylings of almost five decades ago as a starting block for their own music, to greater or lesser extents. The Love Dimension are going one or two steps further. Forget The Remember is a cleverly and carefully, even reverently put together homage to the music and musicians of the mid 60s. The playing is pared down and avoids sliding too far into effusive technicolor psychedelics, the production is minimal and evokes a 'live in the studio' sound' and it's almost like fuzz pedals never happened. The Love Dimension will transport you to a West Coast coffee house circa 1965 without seemingly making too great an more"


"The musical movement that produced such Bay Area bands of consequence as Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jefferson Airplane, the Charlatans, the Beau Brummels, Harpers Bizarre, the Youngbloods, Count Five, the Syndicate Of Sound, the Great Society, the Grateful Dead, the Sopwith Camel, Country Joe and the Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moby Grape and others of similar intent all had a common thread that stood in striking contrast to developments in rock music elsewhere. While of course geography is only at best of peripheral concern in terms of assessing the aesthetic merits of a given work, suffice to say that the Love Dimension has followed their instincts and has produced a highly original album that has been inspired by the high standards of those who have preceded them. While they may indeed be Bound To The Sound, it is indeed reassuring to realize that theirs is a mission statement with (in their own words) A Human more"
-Blitz Magazine


"They could be compared to Jefferson Airplane, Echo and the Bunnymen, and the Violent Femmes in the jazzy-country-blues-punk kind of way. "Got Gratitude" is a very upbeat cowboy-like blues that you could feel determined while on the road to somewhere in the savanna lands of the Bay Area when passing Fremont and the chlorophyll jungles of Berkeley city. "Ride the Waves" has a tint of Joy Division and Echo & the Bunnymen resonating in its sound.  I recommend the Love Dimension for the way they could transform your solitude into being the energy vibrating around you. In result, to be part of that energy sending you high up on the clouds till the atmosphere has become your haven to finally leave your heart to breathe like never more"
-LZM Studio