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"Ride the waves through the sea of change and you'll BE OK." +Jaguar Phoenix-

Desert Stars Music Festival 

We are playing a bunch of festivals this summer including the Desert Stars Music Festival in Joshua Tree! Check out our tour page for more details. We have a new album in the works too. More on that to come soon. Our latest album, "Create and Consume" is still available on CD, Vinyl and Online! Check it out spread the word!

CD Review: The Love Dimension "Create and Consume" 

Formed in the Bay Area of San Francisco, the band called The Love Dimension seems to encompass the whole spirit of the 1960s and their music definitely shows that. The band creates a sound that includes many different genres of rock and roll including straight-out rock, psychedelic rock, surf rock, even a little garage rock. The band’s many different influences create a solid sound that borrows from many different sounds but still sounds very cohesive…and just a little dated as the band’s sound feels like it could have fit in with the bands that were around at the time of Woodstock and just a little bit after that, as well…Read More

Joel Gion & the Primary Colours The Love Dimension Cellar Doors and Down Dirty Shake Play The Independent-1/22 

On January 22nd, The Independent will be hosting a psychedelic music showcase featuring Brian Jonestown Massacre's charismatic percussion extraordinaire, Joel Gion and his band The Primary Colours, San Francisco's premiere psych revivalist band, The Love Dimension, psych pop/post punk band, Cellar Doors and psych soul band, Down Dirty Shake. You don't see too many full local line ups play The Independent, so do your best to attend to ensure these bands have a successful show. The more we help local bands fill larger venues, the more the venues will be inclined to give Bay Area bands a chance to shine. 

Not only is the line up local, but the bands are seasoned and absolutely stellar. We love a big shows just as much as we love bands straight out of the garage. Make your way out to the Independent and have a blast!

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Joel Gion & The Primary Colours round up SF psych favorites at The Independent 

We're off to a killer start here in 2015, from the Soft White Sixties’s ongoing Brick & Mortar residency to Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah’s celestial, family-studded epic of a record release last Saturday. We move forward this week with Joel Gion & The Primary Colours at The Independent on Thursday, January 22. 

Drenched in the liquid light art of White Light Prism, Gion and his backing band -- relatively new in the neo-psych world which Gion helped pioneer -- will use their familiar blend of 1960s rock and roll and post punk to move the Divisadero Street music house along with a solid local lineup. Filling out the night with psych sounds of all flavors, San Francisco's psychedelic pop tripod Cellar Doors, the psych-soul rock and rollers of Down Dirty Shake, and the hip-swaying country psych shamans of The Love Dimension will join The Primary Colours for a night of astral surfing and sonic meditations. Bust out those diffraction glasses and get ready to get dizzy. This one's going to be weird.

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Psychedelic Holiday: Late Additions 

I was pretty excited to discover this San Francisco band, who give a nod to Jefferson Airplane and The Doors, but filtered through Echo & The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes and even a bit of Gun Club’s sinister post-punk twang. Don’t let their placing in this list fool you into thinking they’re also-rans. It’s just a testament to how much great psych came out this year.

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The thing that strikes me about the opening to this album is how it manages to sound both hot and cold and the same time. There is an icey tingle infused by the warmth of the Californian sun as the West Coast melody kicks in. Thereafter, this opening track (the beginning of ‘Side X’), ‘And So Love Begins’, takes you on a trip, not only around the emotions, but around the many a varied influences of the San Franciscan five piece. There’s a whole lot of Love in there, there are the same sixties guitar licks that inspired The Buzzcocks in the late seventies, surely some Jefferson Airplane, and there is some surefire Doors keyboard in there too.  Read More

The Love Dimension, Create And Consume. Album Review 

In the blink of an eye a life can change. In the time it takes to hear an album by a band foraging their way carefully through the Californian minefield of abundant music, you are already finding your thoughts focused on making sure you get on a plane sometime soon, taking a trundle down any of the side streets of San Francisco and hoping that you will bump into a band member or two and clasping them firmly by the hand and without a second thought for so called British reserve; telling them that you love them so much that you want to re-start the psychedelic revolution with them.  Read More

XO for the Holidays 

The first of those annual freebies we all look forward to every year has arrived!  The 7th installment of XO Publicity's "XO For The Holidays" series has been posted.  It should be noted, here, that I love to jump the gun and XO has been known to add songs and tinker around a bit after the initial posting.  Right now, the "download album" button isn't working (so you have to download the songs individually) and I'm not sure they've tagged everything the way they want it, yet.  Read More




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Previous events

Desert Stars Music Festival

Pappy and Harriet's, 53688 Pioneertown Rd., Pioneertown, CA

8th annual event featuring over 30 bands on 3 stages on September 25th & 26th at Pappy & Harriet's in Joshua Tree, CA (53688 Pioneertown RD, Pioneertown, CA 92268). An incredible weekend of music in the desert! Our weekend long event for this year features performances by Swervedriver, The Lemonheads, Lou Barlow of Sebadoh/Dinosaur Jr, The Entrance Band, Dead Meadow, Alex Maas of The Black Angels, The Cosmonauts and so many more!

Bands: The Lemonheads, Lou Barlow, Swervedriver, The Entrance Band, Dead Meadow, Alex Maas, Rain Parade, Spindrift, Matt Hollywood, Cosmonauts, Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel, Down and Outlaws, Sky Parade, Josh T Pearson, Dumb Numbers, Feels, Dead Leaf Echo, Wallburds, Pearl Charles, Cassini, La Cerca, Brush Prairie, Souvenir Driver, Hollow Sidewalks, Chatham Rise, Darwin, The Trims, Zodiac Death Valley, Amerikan Bear, Drinking Flowers, The Spiral Electric


Indian Summer Festival

Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland, CA

what year is it productions presents





Gathering of the Tribes Festival

Public Works, 161 Erie St, San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco Great Society Presents : Gathering of the Tribes Festival

Sunday September 13th @ The Public Works SF

Bands: The Gentle Cycle Buzzmutt The Spiral Electric LSD and the Search for God Down and Outlaws Cellar Doors Down Dirty Shake The Love Dimension Mark Nelsen & The Mutiny Sea Dramas California Raga Association Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah The Green Door Carlton Melton (band page) Mystery Flavors Electric Shepherd Zodiac Death Valley The She’s

Visuals by: White Light Prism – vimeo.com/user6728976 Mad Alchemy – www.madalchemy.net Andy Puls – www.videopaws.com

DJs – Abel Oleson / Derek See / Sonic Sunshine

Vendors: HANGOVER MARKET Allyson Lacy-vintage clothing & accessories Alyssa Townsend-art, prints, tees, patches, & vintage Dan Olsen-art prints & zines. danzodanzo.com Keri Shewmaker-vintage & accessories Danger Vintage-clothing, accessories, & more Jessica Woolard-ceramic pottery + plants, handmade goods Nayeli Nava-art, zines, pins Denice Rodriguez-buttons/pins Patch Ya Later-handmade embroidered patches. www.patchyalater.com Tika Hall-handmade textiles and clothing More TBA

Massage Therapist: Natalie Sweet, cmt

Art Gallery: Yasamine June yasaminejune.com Galine Tumasyan galinetumasyan.com Robert Quinn www.groovyfrisco.com Doug Rhodes DougRhodes.com Matt Leunig scrapedknee.com

For more information, visit the official SFGS Festival Website:www.gatheringofthetribessf.org

Promoters: Innerlight Presents, Counter Culture Artist Management, Mad Alchemy Presents & Pow Magazine

Sponsored by Amoeba Music

Beatniks. Jazz cats. Blues boys. Punks. Hippies. Artists.

Bohemia yesterday, and today. San Francisco has been the home for music and art for several decades. Scenes have died, and others have risen. The 1960s came and went, but the history and energy reverberates to this day.

A response to those who argue that there’s less of a music community in San Francisco, we united as the San Francisco Great Society, coining the name from the band preceding the Jefferson Airplane. Sparked by Pow Magazine, which has been involved in the documentation of the ever changing music scene of the San Francisco Bay Area since the late 1980s, we met with the artists that give life and sound to the city, and came together.

Inspired by the “Human Be-In” that took place in Golden Gate Park in 1967, we saw the need for ample representation and celebration of the music and arts of San Francisco yesterday, and today. We bring you the Gathering Of The Tribes.

Changes occur, but we always remember the San Franciscan legacy. We bring to you a celebration of music, art, and community. We also make a bold statement. San Francisco is here to stay.


NW Tour

The Liquor Store, Portland, OR

DDLSD Tour The Love Dimension, The Verner Pantons, Down Dirty Shake, Dogheart


NW Tour

Cozmic, Eugene, OR


Central Valley Tour

Tower District Records, Fresno, CA

The Love Dimension Down Dirty Shake Style Like Revelators



Central Valley Tour

Riley's Tavern, Bakersfield, CA

The Love Dimension, Down Dirty Shake, Crooked Folk


Central Valley Tour

Peeve's, Fresno, CA

The Love Dimension Down Dirty Shake Style Like Revelators



The Gold Rush: A Minor Festival

Consumnes River, Placerville, CA

The Gold Rush: A Minor Festival w/ Kat Robichaud, Hungry Skinny, Gold Minor, The Bad Jones, I am Animal, The Human Condition, NVO, Beautiful Machines, Travis Hayes & The Daze, The Y Axes, Yeshua & The HighTones, Comedian Jesse Hett


DDS Residency Week 1

Milk Bar, San Francisco, CA

The Love Dimension, Down Dirty Shake, The Gregors, The Brankas



The Gateway Music Festival

Vista Ranch and Cellars, Merced, CA

The Love Dimension, The Stone Foxes, Down Dirty Shake, Plant Tribe, and more



The Love Dimension, Loom, AJ Froman

The Hideout, San Diego, CA

w/ Loom, AJ Froman



Noise Pop and San Fran Psycho presents: The Love Dimension, Jet Trash, Eagle Wolk Snake

Bender's, San Francisco, CA

Noise Pop and San Fran Psycho presents w/Jet Trash, Eagle Wolk Snake


The Love Dimension, Joel Gion & The Primary Colours, Cellar Doors, Down Dirty Shake

The Independent, San Francisco, CA

w/ Joel Gion & The Primary Colours, Cellar Doors, Down Dirty Shake



Fall Rising Music Festival

Horse and Barrel, Murphy's, CA

Fall Rising Music Festival w/ The Love Dimension, Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah, The Huntinanny, T.V. Mike and the Scarecrows, Featherbright, Ash Reiter, The Blank Tapes